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  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers Ladies 1st XV v Windsor Dames – Match Report
    This is starting to be a bit cliche, but once again, perfect Sunday for rugby as the sun was out, temperature was high, castle was in position and Liz was waving from her window. Quite a different squad of Hammers walked on that pitch of Windsor, ready however to play that game of rugby with all the heart it needed. 
    But what a start from Windsor. Right from the start they showed us this will not be an easy game and that they wanted that win. We just had to show to them we wanted it more. Under a lot of pressure, we lost the couple into contact, and Windsor managed to get the first points down after a try off a line out. 5-0. 
    It wasn’t long however until the Hammers were back in the race. With some very casual stepping from our number 10 Leaaaaah. Try under the post, Sophie T decided to put her kicking boots on and got the conversion. 7-5. Right from the re start we put a lot of energy, with some energic running, pick and go and line breaks. Maybe a bit too much energy left here, and we let Windsor go through to score their second try. 12-7. 
    That second half will give the Hammers a bit more time and space to go back to what we do (and enjoy) best: scoring tries. An absolute storming Bukky took the ball at pace, willing to stop only when she’s under the posts. Shit Sophie was on fire, and conversion was in. 14-12. We were back in the game. 
    Pace and intensity sent up on those last 20min, and it was all to our advantage. Some great back play, clap clap, and defence, special mention to our favourite flanker / oops fullback for a try-saving tackle. We continued to work our way up, and Katherine got her try after some very speedy running. Converted by Sophie, 21-12. Leah decided it was try time again, and managed to go over that line once again, bringing the score to 26-12. Missed conversion, I would simply quote “No conversion, Shit Sophie is back” (cc Ella). Last try of that game was a beautiful example of what we are able to achieve all together, as the ball went through almost every set of hands before finishing into Fanny’s hands. Obviously relieved of the burden to live under a fake name, she ran as free as the wind onto that try line. Final score 31-12. Boom boom.  
    On the drinking side of things, again, so many pints it requires a couple bullet points (NB: All our pints were offered by Windsor, thought it was worth mentioning it) 
    – Welcome to Olivia, Natacha, Victoria, Aleena and Vanessa. Once a Hammers…
    – Back of the match went to our fav Katherine, for some unbelievable speed, amazing abilities to play every position at the backs (thanks!) and some cracking tackle along the way. 
    – Forward of the match went to your devoted CFL, because apparently I’m crazy and I’m French. Some ooosh may be involved as well. 
  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers Ladies 1st XV v Romford & Gidea – Match Report
    Second home game of the season. Five days after our squad meeting where we decided that for the rest of the season we will be unbeaten. The scene was set, all protagonists were in place as 18 Hammers walked down on Hurlingham park under a very unlikely hot October English weather.
    And what a start. Just a couple runs, one won line-out and the first try was in. 5-0. Those first ten minutes were a cracking start, as we managed to stick to our game plan and make those girls run. Backs were on fire, kick from Kelly, followed by Michelle, offloading to Nina offloading back to Mich. Can that move becomes a Hammers classic, please? Conversion on and the score was already 12-0.
    Starting to think about the hat trick record she could set within the Hammers, Michelle took the ball and decided to go for that tryline. 19-0 ; one more to go.
    After a huge effort put in the scrum, Romford managed to get their one and only try for the day, 19-5.
    GIRLS FIGHT MOMENT – Wait, not really, the ref stopped all the fun. Let’s just say their number 8 did not enjoy our crawling defence in the mauls. We definitely did not let that get to our mind and after a couple minutes, we managed to get a line out following a penalty on their 5m, thanks to the amazing boot of Kelly. And that’s when Michelle hit hat trick time, casually slaloming around Romford players. 26-5 after conversion.
    The second half started with a more determined Romford side, and we struggled a bit more to play a “heads up” rugby and tend to forget our strength: we can run, they can’t. However, our forwards demonstrated that weight is not the only asset a pack should have. After some severe mauling and a couple balls stole in the scrum, it’s not hard to say that we mastered this area of the game as well. During those first twenty minutes, the ball was mostly in Romford’s hands. It was time for us to defend a bit, and what a défense girls. That’s what I like to call defensive pressure, Frem would have been proud of our aggressivity.
    Anyway, backs were getting a bit bored so decided to get that game started again. After a missed attempt to get a line out after a penalty, Romford kicked straight in Katherine’s arms. Amazing hands from the backs, all the way to our favourite winger (that’s because she can also second row) John who got her second try of the day. 31-5.
    Tactical change then saw Sophie B rejoining the backs, sad face from me. 16min left, and we wanted more, bonus point objective in mind, and going over that 50pts. Mission accomplished by Michelle who got two more, Katherine and Bukky. 55-5 final score.
    Special mention to our super trouper Ayala, who left us somewhere around the 60th minute I think. You’ve been an absolute soldier through the pain and ambulance and ant delirium. Gas and air is life. All the best from all of us for the rehab. Much love. Thanks to all the doc girls that stayed with her as well.
    • Forward of the match went to Bukky for being literally everywhere, rucks and mauls but offering some great options at all time as well.
    • Back of the match went to Michelle because well, with five tries and five conversions, what else can we say? Amazing game.
    • Welcome to Jess and Charlotte for their first game with the Hammers! And happy birthday again to Victoire.
    • That was Nina’s last game with the Hammers. Farewell mate, you will be truly missed. Come back. Please.


    55 – 5 win for the Ladies!

    Posted by Hammersmith & Fulham RFC on Monday, 9 October 2017


  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers 1s v Rochford – Match Report

    Hammers vs Rochford

    The return of cup rugby called on the sun to come out over the hallowed turf of Hurlingham Park for what looked a tough fixture for the Hammers on paper, particularly given recent results from both sides.

    After another great performance but tough result away from home to Nigerians last week, the Hammers were as keen as ever to get a win especially with the long-awaited return of James Smart to the starting line-up.

    The Hammers came out pumped in the first 10, putting their strong runners to use and stuck Rochford on the back foot in their own half. A few changes in possession and some good defensive pressure from the home side led to Rochford making handling errors early doors, and handed possession back to Hammers pack on a number of occasions.

    After a string of strong phase play, a quick switch of play led to debutant Jack Hooper with one man to beat in the corner. A quick step inside his opposite man was enough to allow a glamorous dive over the line for the cameras. 2 post-match pints please for debut try scorer… 5-0 Hammers.

    The remainder of the first half consisted of strong defensive play from both sides, each exchanging big hits on every possible occasion including one particularly big (offside) hit on Hammers lock Ryan Thomson… thoughts on whether or not he remembers that one this morning?

    Soon after, Rochford struck back with some good footwork and support lines in the backs, bringing the game back level.

    It was clear to see the game was open for the backs to play round the flanks and a great chip over the top from Jack Hooper towards the try line saw the Hammers forwards secure a turnover ball 5 metres out from the line. No try on this occasion.

    Second half started well once again for the hammers with flanker Magnus making a clever dart through the middle of an open ruck to create some forward momentum. A string of offloads and fantastic support lines from fellow gingers Hooper and Hamish ended up with the man who started the move, Magnus, finishing in style over the white wash bringing the hammers back level and into the game.

    The latter stages of the second half saw Rochford take control and put more points on the board. Some great individual efforts from the Rochford 15 left the home team facing another defeat but certainly with some positives against a very well structured team.

    Next week the Hammers are expecting nothing but a win on home turf in the league against Enfield, and will be looking to start a run of W’s going into the Christmas period.

    FT: Hammers 18, Rochford 48

  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammersmith & Fulham RFC 40th Anniversary Lunch

    Hammersmith and Fulham RFC are celebrating their 40th anniversary so make sure you don’t miss the first anniversary event of the season! Old Hams and current players from both the men’s and ladies sides will be gathering for a lunch at The Rylston, before heading down to Hurlingham Park after lunch to watch the 1st XV take on old rivals Chiswick.


    Where:The Rylston Pub, Fulham

    When: 25 November 2017

    Cost: £25 a head

    What’s included: 3 course meal, drink on arrival, wine on the table, port or brandy with cheeseboard

    How to book: Email with how many places you’d like.


  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers 2s v Bishops Stortford – Match Report

    Hammersmith & Fulham 2nds     vs.   Bishops Stortford 3rds (Mitres) – 07.10.17

    On Saturday Hammersmith & Fulham 2s travelled up to Bishops Stortford, a team that had won 1 out of their 2 previous league games.  The Hammers needed to get the blood pumping quickly having arrived just 30 minutes before kick-off and having spent over 1.5 hrs on the bus (or an overnight flight for some). Despite this, the Hammers did switch on quickly and had a resilient defence for the first 15 minutes as Bishops Stortford applied strong and persistent pressure by retaining possession and staying in the Hammers’ half. After a few unforced ‘butter-fingers’ handling moments by the Hammers, Bishops Stortford broke through, flooded the gap, and quickly ran a second phase of play which resulted in a try being scored in the corner, 5-0.

    Bishops Stortford quickly capitalised on the momentum that their first try had given them with some large units making strong carries and yards being gained around the rucks and in the centres despite an organised Hammers defence. About 20 minutes in Bishops Stortford crossed the line in the centres after a set-piece play and 2 phases, 10-0. The Hammers wanted to hit back badly but were denied possession from the kick off and, the same Bishops Stortford player crossed the line, 17-0.

    Despite the Bishops Stortford pack dominating the scrum there were some great pick-ups under pressure by Hammers’ 8, Johnson, and service to the backs by 9, Leith. The Hammers knew it was critical to get points on the board before half time in order to stay in the game. The Hammers pack managed to slow down the pace and won a turn over. Looking to capitalise on this the Hammers built the phases and won a penalty which was kicked into the corner for a lineout to put the Hammers 5m from the Bishops Stortford line. A strongly contested but well-controlled lineout catch and drive by the forwards saw the Hammers cross the line. The try scorer? Jack Hooper – winger! Conversion by Morrow, 22-7. Just before half-time Bishops Stortford managed to cement their lead and hit back before half time after catching the Hammers on the back foot, 27-7.

    Hammersmith and Fulham started the second half the better side and set out to play their style of rugby. Hammers’ centres, Bowen & Hall, tested Bishops Stortford’s tackling and managed to make good yards on several occasions with Hall preferring the most direct route – over the top of the tackler and legs pumping. The 8-9-10 link for Fulham worked well and yards were made against the opposition 10 channel as well, as advised by coach Riki at half-time. Around the 60 minute mark the opposition seized upon a 50:50 penalty decision and Bishops Stortford kicked for the corner. Bishops Stortford put on a solid drive from 10m out and a controlled maul turned the penalty decision into points, 32-7. With the opposition looking to close the game out they kicked for territory but the Hammersmith & Fulham back 3 worked together well and countered effectively in more broken play. Bishops Stortford crashed over the line with a pick-and-go after a length of the pitch counter, 37-7.

    The Hammers look forward to the rematch against Bishops Stortford later in the season, and also to having significantly less muscle cramp. The bus trip debutants survived, just.

    Final Score: 39-7

    MOM: Chris Hall – who embodied ‘run it straight bro’

    Tin Man: Rogan – SNAFU on the kit front

  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers Ladies 1s v Old Albanians – Match Report

    Perfect rugby weather and the first fun bus of the season saw 17 sterling Hammerettes travel away to OAs for our first meeting of the season. The atmosphere was calm despite lack of numbers, injuries and the task that awaited us.

    2.45pm saw us go into battle with Mark’s secret squirrel game plan (read slow the game down at every opportunity in whatever manner to conserve energy). The first 20 minutes was hard fought with big hits and runs coming in from both sides. OAs, keen to win the league this season, tested us again and again. I think they’d hoped it would be an easy match as we had tried to rearrange the fixture due to injury and lack of numbers. However, in true hammers style we proved them wrong. Some great handling from them though saw the first try and conversion of the match. Another 20 minutes of battling saw them score again and be awarded a yellow card for dodgy handling in the rucks, but also gave us what we deserved, our first try and conversion from Michelle just before half time. 14-7.

    The second half brought more of the same. OAs had started to panic however as the easy game they had thought would happen did not materialise. They tried to bring on the big gun (international player) but apart from her handoff technique she could not break through our defensive line.

    It was quite stop start with the number of (cough) injuries. We really do need a code word so I don’t have a heart attack on the pitch. Again some beautiful handing from OAs brought them their 3rd try of the game. Our heads did not drop and our solid unit prevented them from scoring again and getting a bonus point. Final score 21-7.

    I would like to point out here that the forwards were formidable, all the hard training has paid off in beautifully executed mauls and scrum turnovers. I would like to thank them for letting me into the pack in order to conserve my leg, it was a lot of fun! 

    Forward of the match went to Hannah for her Amazonian runs and big hits consistently throughout the match on a dodgy ankle.

    Back of the match went to Sophie T playing at fly half for her defensive work and kicking skills that saw many an OA attack thwarted.

    Special pint went to our beautiful Becki who played her last match for the Hammers or so she thinks! She is leaving us to work for her other passion in life. We will miss her greatly but once a Hammer always a Hammer and she will always be welcome.

    Special thanks go to Alison for running touch, Aleena on her first Hammers outing for being water girl and assistant Physio, HP for giving up NFL tickets and her battle with SEtrains, Annabel for her versatility in playing forward then back then forward then back, Marion for her 100% commitment to the team despite injury and her hugs, Helene for stepping in and speaking at the end when I was a blubbering mess, Bhomdat and Andy for their consistent support and supply of port, Frenchie for stepping in like a warrior to help with numbers despite her retirement, Arienne and Will, the Collings clan, Annabel’s parents for coming along to support, and as always, Mark for believing in what we are capable of and can achieve.

    Sorry about the Oscars speech but a lot goes unnoticed and we would not be the hammers without them. Apologies if I have forgotten anyone. I am so proud of our efforts on the pitch and proud to be part of the hammers team.

  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers Ladies team posted for match v. Romford

    Ladies squad announced for home match against Romford, this Sunday, 8th October. Kick off at 2pm, come down and support if you’re free!

  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammerween 2018

    Where: McGettigans

    When: Saturday 28 October, 8pm

    Hammerween is back and the theme this year is Tropical! Tropicalloween!

    So get dressed up in your hula hula dresses, don your Hawaiian shirts, bring your pet parrots, throw on your floral necklaces and add a splash of zombie/blood for one of the best nights in the Hammers calendar.

    Get keen and all friends welcome!


  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers 1s v Harpenden – Match Report
    Hammersmith and Fulham hosted Harpenden on the last Saturday of the opening month into the season. Hammers needing to kick start their campaign with a win in September.
    Hammers begun spritely with a good pattern off the kick off leading to a Penalty in front of Harpenden’s posts. Josh Thomas continued his form with the boot. 3-0. Harpenden came back strong and showed their skill and pace for the rest of the half.
    Harpenden’s level of intensity was above the Hammers with their forwards showing great dexterity with the offloads. Releasing their backs with blistering pace and accurate passing. This lead, to 5 out of the 6 tries being ran in by the back contingent in the first half.
    The Hammers struggled to keep up with the pace injected in this first half and the second looked like it would be the making for a long day at the office.
    3-38 HT
    H&F started like the first, with promising play from the lineout and the back line playing the quarters well. Controlling the possession for the first ten minutes but one scintillating attack from Harpenden led to the hatrick of Harpendens Left wing.
    Hammers were not to be deterred by the score line and the focus was to win the half. The management rung the changes and this brought more impetus into the ball carrying.
    A good move from Tommy Kanauros sniping around the ruck and finished by Josh Thomas off his shoulder to go under the posts. Converted by himself.
    With his trademark barnstorming runs, Angus Lean – Man of the Match, allowed Hammers to get in behind Harpenden giving H&F the phase play they missed in the first half.
    A quick taken throw allowed good passing across the pitch to allow back row come-winger, Ultan Bruton, to dive over in the corner. James Lo not content with not getting on the scoresheet broke 3 tackles to go over the whitewash, to win the half for Hammers 19-17.
    FT 22- 55
    H&F are going into October without a win under their belt and things have to change quickly to get their season back on track.
  • Fulham and Hammersmith Rugby: Hammers 4s v Grasshoppers – Match Report

    On a lovely Saturday afternoon Hammers travelled West to face Grasshoppers, a team who had won both opening games with bonus point wins. Upon arrival Hammers were met with a lovely pitch for some running rugby, and with an intense and accurate warm up Hammers went back into the changing room confident of starting strongly.

    Starting strong didn’t materialize and having failed to get out of the 22 after fielding the Grasshoppers kick off, Hammers were turned over and with some powerful Grasshoppers runners out wide, Hammers were soon under their posts having conceded the opening try.

    Things didn’t improve after the restart, with Grasshoppers using their kicking game to good effect to pin Hammers back in their 22. After some strong carries in the midfield, a Grasshoppers runner cut a lovely line to dot down under the posts causing Hammers to regroup once again.

    However, regroup they did. A very contestable kick off from Tim le Breton (10) led to some big forward pressure and the ball was stripped free from Grasshoppers hands. The ball was quickly passed wide where six Hammers attackers faced four Grasshoppers defenders. Some brilliant handling down the line saw John Brierly (15) touchdown in the corner, and Hammers coaches everywhere rejoiced that the decision to ditch 25 v 25 man touch in favour of 6 v 4 at training had paid off.

    Hammers then really started playing their structures and which led to holes appearing in the Grasshoppers defence. The forward pack was to the fore with some strong carries, Bertie Western Davies (6) and Tommy Hayes (2) in particular constantly sticking their hands up to truck the ball up.  This frustrated Grasshoppers, who soon found themselves down to 13 men thanks to two yellow cards for cheap shot at the ruck on Matt Perry (9), and then taking the man in the air.

    Some strong running from the Hammers midfield soon led to more good field position and a strong 5 metre scrum led to Andrew Tillbrook (8) crashing over the whitewash.

    Frustratingly, Hammers were still to concede another try before the half was out, but still headed for the half time huddle knowing they could turn this round.

    The first 15 minutes of the second half Hammers used this belief to peg Grasshoppers back in their own 22. A series of scrums and line-outs came, but frustratingly went without any further scores.

    If that was an encouraging 15 minutes of the match, the next 15 was the complete opposite. Dropped balls, missed tackles, silly penalties and numerous other errors allowed Grasshoppers to run away with the game, running in a handful of tries to effectively kill off the Hammers challenge.

    Hammers ended with a good sniping try from Matt Perry, from a quick tap penalty, but ultimately the day ended in frustrating fashion.

    Afterwards it was to the bar where James Lalor was awarded man of the match for his strong tackling and carrying, while Tommy Hayes took the tin man award for a tap and go penalty in his own 22 – on his own.

    Final Score: Grasshoppers 42 – Hammers 17

    MOTM – James Lalor

    Tin Man – Tommy Hayes

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